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    Diplomatic Introductions [Nariko]


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    Diplomatic Introductions [Nariko] Empty Diplomatic Introductions [Nariko]

    Post by Kyousuke on Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:25 pm

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    High had the moon been, risen above the clouds to display its glory amongst the people below. As the faint glow of moonlight exposed itself to the land of Kumogakure no Sato, the footsteps of a golden eyed samurai echoed through the ever growing empty streets of the village, a rucksack of his belongings and his weapon slung over his shoulder. He had expected himself to arrive on the Raikage’s building much earlier ago while the sun had still been in the skies. He had arrived within Kumogakure around the afternoon— after all—, but an unplanned race with a newly acquainted individual altered his formed plans. The race, while rather short, led to him spending his entire day with the shinobi who had been his opponent. Much of his time had been taken by the encounter, but he didn't so much as complain. He had not been expected by the Raikage and her people, or at the very least the time of his arrival had not, and befriending another shinobi along the way was something he welcomed, if aside from the fun he had it helped the transition of acclimating himself within Kumogakure anew world that he was still largely uninformed of.

    The Sasaki clan, after nineteen years of isolation, rejecting change, and refusing peace had finally entered in the pact made by the clans of shinobi so long ago, a pact made to bring peace on the once war torn lands of Kaminari no Kuni. Lands that were once theirs before the shinobi had come, however that was long in the past, now was the present. While most clans had already established themselves firmly within the village, the Sasaki had just begun to plant its roots, and all that began with the lone figure that walked the streets. Sasaki Kyousuke, child of Kaido— leader of the Sasaki clan— had been sent to join Kumogakure no Sato as the branch extended to truly bind the samurai clan into that which they had previously rejected. Change had come for his people, and mostly change had come for the Sasaki boy. He had been sent far away from everything he had previously known, off to a mysterious land to become a shinobi and meet a powerful ruler he had only a few days of study on whilst on his travels and establish his people, the Sasaki, as protectors of the new peace. A part of him almost wished he could turn back time and delay the inevitable if just for a few minutes longer, but that was not the samurai way.

    Not a minute too early, nor a minute too late— completely due to the lack of schedule— he had arrived in the administration building, the office of the Raikage. The tall figure clad in black stood still mind completely absent within the entrance, eyes looking around in search of someone that could help guide him. After a few moments, such a person would arrive in the form of a welcoming adult. She asked Kyousuke of his purpose and he would answer simply that he was of the Sasaki clan, told to seek out the Raikage upon his arrival into Kumogakure no Sato. From there it seemed as though she had understood, guiding him to the office of the Raikage. With three knocks on the door, the lady pushed the door open for the Sasaki boy. He took a deep breath, reminding himself to use the proper honorifics and to maintain his manners.

    Cautiously he would enter, golden eyes immediately searching to meet with the guardian of Kumogakure, more out of respect than anything. He took a few steps inside and lowered his head to bow formally, rising after a second and meeting her eyes once more.

    “Greetings Raikage-sama, I am Kyousuke of the Sasaki clan. I was told to speak with you upon my arrival to your village. I am to be the first of the samurai to join Kumogakure under your approval.”



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