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    New Kazekage


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    New Kazekage Empty New Kazekage

    Post by Raijin Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:30 am

    The Death Eater now had a place to call their own. Crime was high and rampant within the city. At least with a top tier crime organization like the Society and the Death Eaters, control was of the no consequence. Raijin appeared before the town square, clad in a white mask and white cloak. Similar to his Death Eater outfit, though he was wearing the Kazekage hat as well. To the populace, he would only go buy one name.

    He gathered the citizens to introduce himself as their new leader. The name they were simply given was Yami. The rest of the military would not know his true identity. His friend Zhuge was the same height and age as he was. He would be doing the day to day duties of the Kazekage, while Raijin dealt with more nefarious affairs out of the city. Yami would be the figurehead. But he could be many people.

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