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    Rain Dance

    Hana Kaguya
    Hana Kaguya

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    Rain Dance Empty Rain Dance

    Post by Hana Kaguya on Sat Nov 23, 2019 4:52 pm

    Hana found the time to learn the forbidden technique taught only by Kirigakure's most advanced hunter nin and ANBU. The Mist Rain technique was a must-have for a Taijutsu centered fighter such as herself. It had the ability to dissolve all Ninjutsu exposed to the rain forcing opponents to rely on close quarters. This of course gave Hana the edge she needed to take advantage of an opponent by using a skill she excelled in.

    A pair of heavy-duty black combat boots covered both feet made with exceptional craftsmanship and reinforced with steel toe caps and soles embedded in the leather. A set of heavy black pants were worn over her lower body. These were equipped with iron shin guards which were fashioned as bands going across her shins lined up next to each other leaving no gaps for weak points. The knees had hard plastic and cushioning backing it to allow ease of comfort when crawling through tight spaces. Hardened plastic was also sown into the upper legs and hips of the pants as well. Like all Shinobi she wore a utility belt to hold her pants against her body and carry her essential supplies.

    A single blue holster was on the right side of the belt and a hip pouch around her back side just above her rear. Both were filled to capacity with ninja tools. A short sleeved undershirt was worn as her first layer. This shirt was one fitted with riveted steel mail designed to be flexible and lightweight providing protection and encumbering her minimally. Her second layer was a long sleeve black shirt similar in craftsmanship of the leggings. It was a heavy and durable top with steel rings sewn at the elbows in a cuff providing maximum protection at the joints. Rings of steels were sewn in at the upper portion of the torso as well providing protection at her upper chest and back and around her shoulders. This top was secured with the final piece of body armor being the Kirigakure standard flak jackets, this one made especially for Hana being much more superior in craftsmanship compared to the regular stock option. Black leather gloves covered both hands being basic in design providing warmth and protection. These came with small steel plates on the backs to provide protection against blades.

    Hana wore a baldric over her gear to support a tanto she had horizontally on her back just above her hip pouch. This was sheathed in a blue scabbard which matched her Shinobigatana which was sheathed vertically on her back on her right side with the handle sticking up over her right shoulder. The entire affair was shrouded by a heavy black cloak, hood raised providing the most concealment and defense it could offer. Hana opted to equip her rebreather mask as well which provided facial protection and safety knowing what she breathed would be pure oxygen. Like most Kaguya her skin was deathly pale. This was coupled with long white hair which was relatively thick compared to the long, silky strands a lot of the more feminine clan females had, which required day-to-day dedication to maintain. Hers was a bit untamed and high in both length and volume extending as far as her lower back. Her eyes were the only true difference in her appearance compared to the rest of her clan having an alluring golden hue to them.

    She had a copy of the technique with her on a sheet of flash paper. She was to burn it once she mastered the technique. She would reach the paper over twice before giving it a go. It seemed simple enough to understand given her experience with Ninjutsu and chakra control in general. The three hand seals were easy enough to remember. After completing of them she would focus her chakra combining it with her chakra nature as the air began to condensate. Clouds began to form above and soon she would feel a light drizzle. She would appraise the rain at first making sure there was a steady enough flow. Hana would try a basic technique to test its effectiveness. Performing three hand signs she would attempt to create a water whip from the air. And sure enough the whip failed to begin to form as the exposed chakra was eaten up by the mist rain. Her job was done. Ceasing her chakra flow the rain stopped and clouds dissipated in the sky. Taking her belongings she'd put a lighter to the flash paper and watch it burst into flames. It was destroyed in a matter of seconds as no trace of the paper remained. With her copy of the Mist Rain technique destroyed she was clear to exit.


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