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    Test of Prowess


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    Test of Prowess  Empty Test of Prowess

    Post by Seid on Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:45 am

    Darkseid had made himself comfortable as he awaited a particular person. Today was the day they were going to test his skills to see if he was ready to be apart of the illustrious ANBU Black Ops. After passing the written part of the testing, now they wanted to see his martial progress. He would put on a show like no other. Though he did not know much of the powers of the Ketsurygan, which belonged to the ANBU Captain but neither did she of his Rinnegan. As he had not told anyone save for the Raikage of its powers.

    They would be finding out a little bit more about each other today. The sun was out and it was beaming, the warm light shined on his body. He was fully armored with his Jade breastplate, pauldrons and faulds. He was not going to take her lightly. He knew she was one of the most powerful ninja save for Nariko the Raikage.

    Which was why he pulled the scroll from within his chest. Laying it out on the ground he activated the six spots on the scroll. There was six individual puffs of smoke that exclaimed to life. They were the deceased bodies given to him by the Church. They had undergone a transformation unlike many. The Rinnegan in each of their eyes as Darkseid activated his own. They were wearing black cloaks and simple ninja attire given to them by the Chuunin.

    7 of them in total. Now he would show Shimi why he needed the bodies. Surely she would be surprised to see them all standing there waiting for her. They shared his vision and his powers. They would be a able to put up a fight against the Kunoichi at least for a little while.

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    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Test of Prowess  Empty Re: Test of Prowess

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:23 am

    Darkseid had gone through the written and psychological testing necessary for admission into Kumogakure's ANBU Black Ops. The organization required that he sit through a closely proctored exam and undergo the necessary background checks and mind analysis protocols. The idea was to ensure that Seid was not some kind of double agent working on behalf of another actor to thwart Kumo's interests. Shimiko had closely monitored the results of these tests and it was only after she was satisfied with the outcome did she schedule Seid's final test: combat proficiency.

    The pig-tailed blonde met him on the field of battle wearing her typical load out. She had on her Chinowakugumi Armour filled to the brim with blood. Behind her back was a holster for her two Sai and then another four slots along her spinal column for four more Sai which were placed at evenly spaced intervals. Two tessen were strapped to her right thigh and her left thigh contained a standard pouch with ninja tools. She had an iteration of her custom Melody Arm, Kālīkoroshimasu, on each forearm. The sleek black devices looking more like gauntlets than anything else.

    Shimiko approached Seid who was accompanied by six beings. Each of them bore the Rinnegan and appeared to be present for the purpose of helping Seid fight. The blonde recognized them as being the corpses that the Church had acquired for Darkseid's purposes. She raised an eyebrow and spoke in an amused tone.

    "Color me impressed. I didn't think I'd be seeing those faces ever again. Is this related to your bloodline Seid?"


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