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    Tsuyo Buys... Stuff


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    Tsuyo Buys... Stuff Empty Tsuyo Buys... Stuff

    Post by Akame Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:57 pm

    Tsuyo wandered into the primary street for the market of Konohagakure. It was still a bit odd coming here to buy her supplies after getting used to the Hyuga armory back in her childhood home. Still, it was convenient having most of what you need within walking distance of each other. Peace had its advantages after all, it seemed.

    The jonin walked into her first shop on the list to buy a bunch of miscellaneous supplies including a few pouches and a baldric to keep the rest of her list in. Once she had the few little pieces of gear required in tandem with her flak jacket's normal storage, she'd make her way to the armor shop to pick up her steel arm guards that she had ordered a week or so ago. They were in today thankfully, and paying for those took half of what she had brought today to stock up.

    Her last stop was the weapon shop, where she'd buy what items remained on her list. This one took a bit of time since she had come for a variety of weapons rather than just the kunai and shuriken most other shinobi chose. Her skill with weapons required her to have more than just that though, otherwise what was the point of having that level of skill with them?

    She gave up the last bits of coin she had left and walked out loaded down with gear, headed for home so she could sit down and organize all this crap.


    Recurve Bow- Assuming 5k
    40 arrows- 4k?
    1 manriki- 2k
    2 trench knives- 6k
    Steel arm guards- 25k
    4 bandage wraps- 2k
    Bo staff- 1.5k
    10 kunai- 1k
    5 shuriken- .5k
    4 pouches- .2k
    1 explosive tag-1.5k
    1 smoke bomb- 1k
    20 caltrops- .2k
    10 kakute- .1k

    Total: 50k spent


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