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    Find the Lair [C Rank Mission]


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    Find the Lair [C Rank Mission] Empty Find the Lair [C Rank Mission]

    Post by Tatts Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:20 pm

    Mission Name: Find the Lair
    Mission Type: Reconnaissance
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Locate the enemy base.
    Description: A large group of bandits is terrorizing several locals not far from the village. Go and investigate as best you can to try and locate the base of operations for the bandits, but do not engage. They are noted to be powerful and large in number, making escape your number one priority if you are discovered. If captured, Konoha will do what it can to recover you.
    Payment: 15,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Chuunin

    Tatsu disguised as a hawk flew over Senju Woods, keeping an eye out for the bandits. Tatsu was supposed to find them and do basic recon, and the one thing Tatsu learned in all the years as a Shapeshifter was that noone ever bothered to look up.

    Especially at something that looked as innocuous as an ordinary bird from a distance. It took took about an hour of flight till Tatsu saw them, and the report wasn't wrong. They were indeed large in number and from the looks of things. Professional.

    That was a sobering thought. Flying around their encampment Tatsu made sure to get an accurate count of all their equipment, fighting force, and a preliminary movement route. Circling back to Konoha Tatsu would make sure to give a full account of their activities.

    // Exit Thread

    Tatsu Kotoshura


    Strength: E
    Constitution: E
    Stamina: B [950]
    Speed: D [150]
    Coordination: C [450]
    Intelligence: B [950]
    Perception: C [450]


    800 XP Debt.

    BokuPower: Things using the Bokuton Element, are 1 Rank more Powerful, but Ijutsu is 1 Rank Weaker.

    Chemist Prodigy: A player may create chemistry creations one rank higher than what their current experience or skill set allows. This can result in an increased countdown (for poisons and drugs) or cooldown (for medicines and provisions.) The increase is the next rank's timer increased by .5 (rounding up.)

    Learning Advantage: Tatsu can learn 1 Rank Higher Jutsu than normal, but her rank up is increased by 10% (stacks with other learning boosts (high int, sensei, etc.)

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