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    Tiger Hunting [Private]


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    Tiger Hunting [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Tiger Hunting [Private]

    Post by Oriana on Mon May 27, 2019 5:45 pm

    Oriana stood once Mako nodded at her and gave the woman running the stand a short bow. She turned her attention to the thin young man who had fed her. "Sure. Let's go."

    The pink-haired genin left the ramen stand, lifting the flap and stepping through.

    "What's next?" she asked once Mako had followed her out. Now that she had eaten, Oriana was ready to continue with missions for a while longer. The meal filled her, but wasn't enough to make the young woman sleepy. She stretched her arms behind her back and let them fall to her sides.


    Mako Fujita
    Mako Fujita

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    Tiger Hunting [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Tiger Hunting [Private]

    Post by Mako Fujita on Mon May 27, 2019 5:49 pm

    “There’s a young man from a wealthy family that wants to be trained in combat basics for self-defense,” Mako stated simply. “We are to teach him and perhaps discourage the bullies that are assaulting him a bit if required.”

    With this he led the way toward the main road toward Kumogakures gates. The family lived just outside the village, but the child and his butler were to meet them by the gate before heading toward the training area so that the job could be done properly. Focusing on her as they walked for a few moments as he contemplated this new situation.

    She wasn’t going to be much help socially. In fact, it may be better if he trained both of them? His eyes trailed to the side as he examined the wall in thought. What were his best options for this? It was difficult to say. He’d have to come up with something however.

    Releasing a short breath as they walked, he put his mind to coming up with the best strategy for what was to come.

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