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    Strength for the Sharks [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Strength for the Sharks [Solo] Empty Strength for the Sharks [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 12, 2019 2:50 am

    Note: Mission Link, Needs to be moved to the "Completed Kirigakrue Missions" section.

    Mission Name: Silvery Shark: Unhaul
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Help the sailors unload their goods to the market.
    Simple job as really anyone can do it. The sailors of a particular crew known as the Silvery Sharks request help from the shinobi with decent pay to unload their goods at Ota. It’ll be roughly half a day’s work and hard labor as most of these crates + barrels are quite hefty to lift especially after an hour or two.
    Payment: 15,000 Ryo
    Requirements: C-tier Strength & Stamina

    Satori was still in Ota, though the town itself didn't have any more missions for him, apparently there was still another group that could use his assistance. A group of sailors had moved into the docks now that they were finally repaired, and needed some help dropping off their goods to sell and trade with the town for some much-needed revenue on both sides. Satori was happy to help, really. But the fact it had become a C-rank mission just because of the raw power required had been amusing.

    With this line of thought Satori had returned to the beach from his room, and gone out to meet the crew in the main room of the inn where they were drinking and having a good time. There was a middle-aged man with a scruffy beard, stocky in height but well built that appeared to be the eldest of them. Spotting Satori, he grinned wide and lifted a hand up in greeting revealing a golden tooth that gleamed in the candlelight.

    "Ya' must be that Ryuutei feller', nice ta' meet ya' kid. I appreciate the help," rising he patted the man he'd been chatting with on the shoulder with a statement about getting the cargo handled, before moving toward the door. Motioning for Satori to follow, whom inclined his head and quickly fell into step next to the older man.

    "We got barrels o' different supplies. Fish, pearls, lobster, clam, even managed ta' kick a pirate ships ass that got a lil' cocky and got their spoils too. Though we may just return those ta' tha' Mist since gods know where tha' stuff came from," as he explained this, Satori nodded once. He didn't mind either route, really. Yes, legally, it probably should go back to the hidden village. But logistically and logically, the winner took all. He left it for the captain to decide.

    The captain seemed to notice this silence and understood what it meant, grinning. "Man by ma' own heart," he stated simply, causing Satori to grin slightly in reply. As they moved forward, Satori then glanced down at the man once they halted by the docks. A large, thick hand with fingers like muscular sausages stuck out before him.

    "Cap'n Hendrickson, at yer' service, technically I'm of tha' land o' fire, but I do far more business with you all here in tha' islands than the mainland," as he explained this, Satori simply nodded his head once in understanding. So he wasn't specifically a civilian of his own land, but he was a valuable trader for his land, that alone was enough. Especially as it clearly helped Ota out tremendously to have proper trade.

    "I'm Satori Ryuutei, Genin of the Mist. A pleasure to meet you, Captain," the wild man's refined speech caught Hendrickson off-guard for a moment. He'd expected an accent similar to his own by the large man's appearance. A laugh burst from his lips.

    "Ya' talk like a scholar but yer' built like a warrior, guess that's a ninja for ya'," he stated in bemusement before clapping his hands together.

    "Righto, ma' boys an' girls have had a rough few weeks due to those storms, and I wanna' spoil 'em a bit. I'm gonna' let them drink to their hearts content an' flip the bill, an' I'd like ya' to help me transport all this cargo from tha' ship to tha' market. Help guard it too. Ota are good people, but ya' know how it is," as he explained this, the captain idly moved onto the ship for a moment, before pulling out a binder that he had sitting by the wheel.

    Flipping through it, he glanced over the papers before grunting.

    "Last time I asked fer' help like this longer'n two hours--which this'll take at least--it was considered a C-Rank mission, if that helps ya' understand anythin'," Satori smiled lightly and nodded once in agreement. The village councilman had already told him that, but he left the subject alone. Instead, he lifted a hand and pointed toward the cargo hold.

    "Everything in there, then?" Satori inquired curiously, causing the captain to nod his head once in agreement with a slight grin.

    "Aye, I appreciate it, Satori-san," Hendrickson agreed, before leading the way into the hold. The room was vast, it had to have over two-hundred assorted crates and barrels of varying sizes. Satori could see now, why it required someone with significant strength and stamina. Amused, he stepped forward and grabbed the nearest barrel. No point in putting off such simple tasks, after all. It wouldn't take too long with both of them doing it.

    From this point, Satori continued his work. Knocking his way through the cargo one step at a time as he held one under an arm, another on his shoulder. Sometimes he could only carry one at a time, not due to the weight so much as the size, and shape. Though even he had to admit that some of the crates were actually quite heavy as well. The process took him several hours even with the Captain's help, though the difference in stamina certainly helped him tremendously as the Captain was out of breath sitting on his heels while Satori was simply stretching by the end of it.

    A dry laugh filled the man's chest as he finally spoke once he'd regained his breath.

    "Ain't as young as I used ta' be, I guess," he murmured to himself idly before sighing and stretching his limbs out above his head. Smiling he turned to face Satori and offered the boy his hand.

    "Thanks, kid," he stated simply with a firm nod, "I appreciate it, an' I'll send the mist the information for the job along with Ota's letters," the clarification was all Satori needed. With a smile, he shook the man's leathery hand once more, before lifting a hand in farewell. For now, that would likely be the last time he'd see Ota for a bit. It had been an enjoyable little trip though, and it had earned him a few notches on his ninja card.

    There was still plenty more to do, however.

    // Thread Exit.

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