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    Post by Raijin Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:53 am

    Raijin moved through the streets in a hurry. Akeno was certainly putting a foot on the neck of the village. Those guards had been obliterated and so had the gate. She didn't look all that strong to him, but looks were deceiving. Either way, he wasn't here for that. He had business, upon entering the city he instantly went to the slums. Being decently known within the criminal circle was a plus, he knew the location of at least one market, it was well hidden within the Hou Zhuan Square.

    Making sure he wasn't followed. Although not many people were in the streets. That attack hadn't been very long ago. Either way, he went up a secret door. Following a similar protocol when they went to meet Merrryweather. Although the pawn shop was run down, the real trick was in the backof the shop. A passage in the back that led to an underground shop. There Raijin would meet a man named Geng. "What do you want?" Raijin took a quick look around he already knew what he wanted. He grabbed the items he needed and paid the man his money.

    "Thats all." Raijin said before taking his items and leaving.


    Steel Wire | 125 ryo per 15 feet. (Simple) 30ft
    Kunai | 125 ryo ea. (Buki) 10
    Shuriken | 125 ryo ea. (Buki) 20
    Explosive Tag | 2,000 ryo ea. 15 feet blast radius. 5
    Flash Bomb | 1,500 ryo ea. 15 feet blast radius. 2
    Smoke Bomb | 1,500 ryo ea. 10 cubic meters of smoke. 2
    Chili Pepper Bomb | 1,500 ryo ea. 10 cubic meters of gas. 2
    Cheap Liquor | 10,000 ryo ea. (Two servings. Increases Stamina by +2 advantages and Perception by +1 tier. Countdown: 3 | Duration: 10) 2
    Cocaine | 10,000 ryo ea. (One dosage. Increases Speed and Coordination by +2 advantages. Decreases Constitution by -1 tier. Countdown: 2 | Duration: 5 | Cooldown: 6) 2
    Sleeping Syrup | 10,000 ryo ea. (One dosage. A bitter syrup that induces sleep. Countdown: 3 | Duration: 5 | Cooldown: 4)
    Tanto | 7,500 ryo ea. (Versatile, Buki|Ken)


    Strength: C
    Constitution: B > S (Jashin)
    Stamina: B > S (Jashin)
    Speed: A > A++ (Jashin)
    Coordination: B > B++ (Jashin)
    Intelligence: C
    Perception: A

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