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    Fujio Clan (Scorch)

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    Fujio Clan (Scorch) Empty Fujio Clan (Scorch)

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:59 pm

    Clan Name: Fujio Clan
    Clan Location: Sunagakure
    Bloodline Name & Type: Scorch Release
    Current Clan Leader:

    Current Clan Members:

    Clan History/Description:

    The Fujio Clan is one of resistance, always fighting against those who sought to subjugate them. Unfortunately, these attempts were usually by the Kazehana and were ultimately successful. They hail from the northern parts of the Land of Wind and have grown hardy from it. Their lands were the first ravaged by Kaguya, the first to suffer and one of many that continue to do so.

    Their history is relatively unremarkable when compared to other smaller major clans across the continent for the first few centuries after man rediscovered the power of chakra. Their mark in history was first made when they led the rebellion that freed the Land of Wind from the Hyuga Empire's clutches. This was their first success, and it forever established them as a major clan. They stayed passive for a century after, content with their status. This changed in 440 A.S, when Soyo Fujio established a minor kingdom in the northern third of the Land of Wind. He named this kingdom Kazegoku and planned for further expansion to the north as opposed to the south where the Kazehana were scheming behind the scenes for their famous rise to power.

    His plans never came to fruition, as Soyo died five years after the foundation of his kingdom. It's stability took a staggering hit in the power vacuum left, as Soyo had been one of the most feared warriors in the entirety of the continent. His name drew talk in lands as far away as the Lands of Stone and Water and history says that he was the only one in the Land of Wind who could have possibly hoped to resist the Kazehana at this crucial juncture. It would not be an understatement to say that the disease that took him set history for half a millenia after.

    Once the Kazehana initiated their first grand scheme and flipped a majority of the Land of Wind to their direct control, the Fujio immediately mobilized every man of fighting age within their domain in a vain attempt at stopping the sudden major power to their south. The clan resisted bravely for four years, but eventually they ran out of supplies and men to throw into the war machine and were forced to surrender. It would take three generations before the clans involved in this struggle against the Kazehana would return to their population levels from before the war, so devastating was its effect.

    The clan would be relegated to becoming an elite unit within the military of the Kazehana Emirate almost fifty years after the war, past transgressions set aside in favor of taking advantage of their current situation. The constant bribes to Fujio leadership by the Kazehana helped this situation some, as did their status as a noble clan within the kingdom's hierarchy. This is as high as their clan would ever ascend in the long history of the Land of Wind. Perhaps with the recent creation of the shinobi villages they will get another chance to shine brightly in the ever growing history of the shinobi world.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics: Clan members, being natives of Sunagakure, dress rather lightly having no desire to cover their skin from the unforgivable sun. This is due to their natural resistance to heat allowing them to enjoy Sunagakure which to them feels like the warm sun in a more moderate environment. Females tend to wear tight shorts paired with a sleeveless and backless top, paired by two lapels in the front and back. Many tend to fashion with an obi of some sort though an equal many tend not to sport one. Males dress similar though in a looser design. Shorts and pants coupled with Keikogi completes the common wear, though a small amount of clan members simply prefer to go shirtless. Having no distinguishing physical characteristics the clan member's heights, weights, and hair color vary per individual, though members of the clan will be very feverish to the touch due to their incredible high base temperature.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities: Members of the clan possess the ability to combine both Fire and Wind release into a powerful advanced element known as Scorch release. Scorch not only burns at incredibly hotter temperatures, more so than standard Fire release, but has a tendency to draw out moisture from the environment. This makes most Scorch technique certain to kill, if not severely maim the opponent. It may also serve as an environmental control, drying the air or causing high heat making the area unbearable to function in.

    In addition to their ability to produce Scorch, members of the clan are highly functional in arid environments. This is due to their internal temperature having a base of 116*F (46*C) making them not only unaffected by harsh, heated conditionals, but resistant to heat-based attacks. All clan members are naturally attune to fire and thus begin with a passive resistance. Fire techniques harm all clan members one rank less than its stated power level. If at any time the technique's power hits D-rank they are unscathed.

    Apprentice: Investing 250 EXP into your clan and having the base elements for Scorch release allows your character to successful combine his elements together to produce Scorch. Although all clan members benefit from the passive fire resistance and tolerance to heat the ability to combine their elements together requires practice. Once unlocked the member can safely use all Scorch technique they are capable of learning.

    Master: Investing a total of 500 EXP into your clan makes you a master. Having a base temperature of 126*F (63*C) in addition to their fire resistance, clan members are no longer vulnerable to Scorch release as Scorch technique are considered one rank less in power damage-wise. This means contact with Scorch will not burn through and mummify the clan member, but instead burn just like ordinary fire as well.

    Reaching Master level increases your ability to produce Scorch a custom color to it (i.e. Pakura had white centers with pinkish-red flames) as a symbol of your mastery. Socially in your clan you will be recognized as a master and be regarded with high respect.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks: The Scorch release nature bares no superiority over any other elemental release making it a very poor defensive element. It is weak to Water and Ice release, making Scorch be one rank less in effectiveness against those two elements.

    Due to the clan member's resistance to fire this makes them incredibly weak to Ice release, or any technique which combines Water and Wind. These technique have their power increased by one ranks.

    Clan Techniques:

    Name: Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder
    Rank: B
    Activation Cost: 10
    Upkeep Cost: 5
    Range: 100 m.
    Speed: A+
    Element: Scorch
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Clan
    Requirements: Scorch Release
    Parent Technique: -
    Hand Seals: Tiger
    Description: This is the baseline Scorch release technique most clan members use as their primary technique. The user creates three flaming orbs that resemble small suns. These orbs rotate around the user and can be freely controlled to attack enemies. When an orb touches an opponent, it apparently evaporates all the water inside their body, leaving them in a mummified state. When this happens, steam can be seen emitting from the opponent's body.
    Weaknesses: Each orb can be destroyed by having them meet a solid surface, such as a wall or being destroyed by a large enough attack. This limits the amount of orbs in the air and may force a reactivation.

    Name: Scorch Release: Incinerating Flare Technique
    Rank: B
    Power: A
    Activation Cost: 10
    Range: 80 m.
    Speed: B
    Element: Scorch
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Clan
    Requirements: Scorch Release
    Parent Technique: Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder
    Hand Seals: -
    Description: The user combines several flaming orbs to create a single massive one, which then violently explodes with enough force and power to incinerate a large area around it. When this happens, steam can be seen emitting from the area. This decimates all wildlife and vegetation in the area of effect leaving nothing just a charcoal crater in its wake.  
    Weaknesses: The user must have Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder activated beforehand to use this technique. It takes a single post to combine and charge the technique before being released in the next post. Its penetration to earth is poor, meaning tunneling underground and providing an insulated shelter will serve as an adequate defense. Also, if at any time a sufficient water release is used when the orb is changing the technique is null.

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