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    One day at a time[Training]


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    One day at a time[Training] Empty One day at a time[Training]

    Post by Rei on Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:48 pm


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    A deep yawn would erupt from a young man as he lay against one of the many trees that outlined the training grounds. Arms would stretch up high as another yawn crept up from within him. Watery eyes would soon open to reveal their crimson hue as he looked out from his nap spot. They would then move down to his side as he felt something up against him. There lie a couple of scrolls, which confused him a bit until it clicked. "Right. Right." The words left his lips in a groggy manner.

    Bringing himself to a standing position, Rei proceeded to stretch his body some more to prepare for what was to come. The young boy's mother had given him a scroll with a Katon technique in it for him to learn. The other scrolls were jutsu he had picked out from the village library that seemed interesting. Bringing his warm up to a close the Uchiha cracked his knuckles before his hands went to work weaving handseals. He had already read over all of them before he had taken a nap and he understood them on a basic level. Now all he had to do was put them into practice. As the last seal was made he focused the chakra as he normally would for breathing fire style techniques, then expelled. The flames shot forth from his maw, however, they just seemed to fan out wildly before him with no clear destination in mind. -Whoa now, this looks kinda bad- Caught off guard, he quickly ended the technique. The flames simply dissipated with their fuel suddenly cut off.

    This isn't how the scroll described the technique at all. Its normally supposed to race forward in a line. "Ah. Right, the wire. I must still be drowsy, hah." Reaching into his pouch he fished out a kunai and some wire before tieing the two together. From there he flickered from his current space to that on a nearby branch. Then a flick of his hand and the kunai soon found itself embedded in the earth where he once was. Pulling the wire taut, Rei placed the end within his mouth and bit down. Now for the second try. repeating the handseals, Rei once again spewed forth the flames. This time, however, they had a clear direction to follow as the flames blitzed forward and impacted with the earth below. The impact causing the flames to erupt into an inferno, scorching the ground beneath it. "Nice." Was the only word for it as he watched on and ended the flow of chakra to the technique. Though the flames still continued to burn below him, they weren't in the immediate vicinity to reach the trees so it was safe. As safe as a fire was anyway.

    "Now which one should I try next?" The Uchiha was obviously going to do them all yet the order was dependent on how interested he was in each of them. "Ah. Lets go with that one." Reaching back into his pouch he would pull out a shuriken and some more wire. Like with the kunai earlier, he would attach the wire. This was a technique to maneuver shuriken after he had already thrown it via the wire. Tieing said wire around his index finger, he launched the shuriken towards a not so far off branch. He had thrown it to overshoot above the branch and pass it. After waiting for it to do just that he moved his finger to hopefully cause it to come back and descend into the bark. With a thud, the shuriken had hit its mark. A smile appearing on the genin's face. Though he felt in actual battle the accuracy of such a thing would be troublesome, he still found it to be useful.

    In a swift motion, Rei snatched a kunai from the holster on his right thigh before cutting the wire attached to his hand. With that done he turned back to the clearing where the flames had died down a little. A flicker of sound and he vanished to appear at the base of the tree with the scrolls by it. The next one seemed easy enough, though for some it seemed kind of difficult. The Uchiha couldn't see how, but different people had different obstacles so it was understandable. The kunai in hand, Rei focused as he poured a steady stream of chakra into the blade. At first, nothing seemed to happen so he raised the amount, then the kunai began to be coated in a bluish glow. With concentration, he held this for a couple of minutes to be sure he had it down. He was about to end it there as a success but then thought this would be fine, as he tested another technique in tandem.

    Moving some distance away from the tree he readied himself to strike. This was a step up from a jutsu he already knew and at its base was basically repeating that technique three times in a row. So with a deep breath, he focused, then on the exhale he burst forward slashing at the side of the tree. There was no time to stop, though he felt strained as he continued at the same pace for the second and third strike. Finding himself a bit short from where he started, he was breathing heavily as he dropped to a knee. The chakra coating his kunai extinguished, he no longer had the focus to keep it up. He needed to breathe. "This...this was...unexpected, hah." So this level of exertion was tiring for him in his current state. Duly noted.

    Out of breath, he made his way back to the tree to pick up the last scroll he needed to try out. This scroll not only had the information for the technique inscribed but also had a kunai sealed within so he could practice. This out of all of them was the easiest from just reading it. The genin only had to try it out. Placing his hand, on the seal, he poured a bit of chakra into it and with a puff of smoke the kunai appeared. "Sweet. Now, I'm tired." There was one more technique for him to try out, however, he had nothing living to test it out on. Well, save for himself. Which now that he thought about it... Nah, he understood it enough from studying it. Just when he was about to call it a day, he heard some rustling in a nearby bush. Watching it closely, a squirrel popped out and scurried up the tree behind it. "Ah, well then." He was kind of tired so he wanted to do this quick. With a purpose, his body flickered out of sight and his hand lashed out to pin the squirrel against the tree. No matter how he justified this it looked bad. " Sorry about this." As if apologizing would help. Focusing chakra in his free hand he placed two fingers against the back of the squirrel, who instantly went still in his hand. Holding it in place, he waited to make sure the jutsu worked properly. After a couple minutes the rodent sprung back into a panic as he let go up the tree. Now with a guilty conscience, Rei began to make his way home.

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