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    Hunting Legends (Shimiko)


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    Hunting Legends (Shimiko) Empty Hunting Legends (Shimiko)

    Post by Akame on Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:43 pm

    Akame sat behind a desk that had been designated as hers ever since her rapid climb through the ranks of the ANBU. After her spar with Nariko, she had been reassigned as an ANBU and showed her prowess, with a swift promotion to captain following a few months later. It was the quickest rise to the position in the village's history and it had upset some veteran ANBU at first with many showing active hostility towards a woman they considered an upstart. After being under her leadership for some time however, most had warmed to her with the rest being willing to follow her orders out of respect at the very least.

    Today she had desk duty, her ANBU mask laying on the desk to her left face up. It was simple, being a white cat mask with a single black line running down the middle straight over the nose. One did not need to be be extravagant to kill somebody, after all. She was dressed for combat since she was officially on duty. A tight black shirt was worn over a tight compression wrap for her breasts, with the Kumogakure flak jacket worn on top of this. Unseen to those not under the desk she wore a black skirt with a pair of skintight, black shorts to prevent any peeping from those skilled enough to get the drop on her. Resting on the desk in front of her was her katana, sheathed and within easy reach should she need it. Her beautiful black hair was wrapped into a large bun on the crown of her skull, held in place by two large pins.

    Akame had been looking into the attack on the Land of Lightning two years ago by the mysterious woman named "Honiko". Two shinobi had betrayed their villages, a girl with strange powers from Kirigakure and a young genin from her own village named Bayushi. Not only did Honiko hold off an entire assault force from multiple villages, she had seemingly accomplished her goal as she left without killing everybody present.

    That target had been a temple dedicated to the Lightning Disciple from the old legends she had been told as a girl. There were no doubt those who believed firmly in the disciples, but many in the recent decades had begun to consider them a legend brought upon by exaggeration through oral tradition. Akame was one of those who doubted the validity of the old stories, though this case made her wonder about everything she knew. The target had been this temple, that much was certain, as numerous witnesses describe seeing the dragon she had rode out on in the sky carrying something away. The local legends hailed that temple as the resting place of the Lightning Disciple. This dragon was seen flying south towards the archipelago of the Land of Water, a rival to her own land for centuries, before it escaped the sight of those in the vicinity.

    She wanted all of this figured out, and the village had been too busy recovering from plague for this to be a priority. Things were different now though. To that end, Akame had decided to launch her own investigation into this after listening to various high ranking administration members express interest in the event. It was the first attack on their territory since the founding of the village, after all. Getting the preliminary work done before an official investigation was launched by the village would speed things along considerably, and it was worth the manpower in Akame's opinion. To that end, she had decided upon a relatively new member to the ANBU in the form of Shimiko Chinoike. She was a couple years younger than Akame, but she showed a lot of promise. Very similar to Akame, in fact, and Akame had high hopes for the girl. A messenger had been sent for the young woman, and Akame would wait patiently for her to arrive.

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