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    General Workshop

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    General Workshop Empty General Workshop

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:58 pm

    The general workshop is for the regular employees of BBB who work tirelessly to churn out the finest weapons. Designers and crafters alike come together on the workfloor forge to put together weapons of death. Shimiko had dropped off the materials she had bought and given them instructions on what to do. The first set of things they were slated to create is a second Kālīkoroshimasu for Shimiko with the help of a Fuuninjutsu person. And that's exactly what they did. The second they there were slated to create the Six Sai of Serration which they also did.


    General Workshop P5_portrait_of_Anne_Takamaki27s_Phantom_Thief_outfit_without_mask


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: A++
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence:  B
    • Perception: A


    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu
    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu (Chakra Disruption Technology)
    • 10x Serrated Kunai
    • Six Sai of Serration
    • Badger's Claws
    • Chinowakugumi Armour (Snow Armour Technology)
    • Twin Tessen of Terror


    General Workshop Empty Re: General Workshop

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:21 pm

    This would mark the second time that Morikawa comes to place seals for somebody. He's quite generous considering of his… questionable teaching tactics. From what Morikawa had gathered from Shimiko this process was the same as two years ago. His business was short and efficient as the jounin entered the shop with a chime from a hanging bell.

    Morikawa will give greeting to the owner of the shop if Shimiko was present before turning his attention to the contraption with the two piles of Chinoike blood-filled senbon. Approaching the device Morikawa double checked where Shimiko wanted the two seals. Once it was confirmed Morikawa went into the process of placing the Lightning Flash Blade Creation seals on the device. Sealing the multitude senbon into two different seals with just a touch of his palms. With fuuinjutsu written in fine print on the mechanism, Morikawa finished his work. After bidding his farewell to Shimiko the jounin departs from the building and heads back to his lab.


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