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    Package dielivery


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    Package dielivery Empty Package dielivery

    Post by Shinoskay on Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:39 am

    Mission Name: Package Delivery
    Mission Type: Delivery
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Deliver a small package with illicit goods.
    Description: A trial of trust, you are to delivery a package with dubious goods to an Underworld contact. What is it? None of your business sort of stuff. Just deliver. No questions asked, no answers given. We'll deny everything anyway.
    Payment: 10'000 ryo
    Requirements: E-rank Criminal Trust

    Shinoskay was walking down an alley way when he heard a 'gagh' down and around a corner, just getting there in time to see someone run off, unknowingly being the reason they ran off, the boy approached what now could be see to be a man slumped forward and bleeding profusely. With his dying breath, he draw a package up and spoke "they had you tail me, didnt they? not that it matters anymore, just get it to the bakery so I wont die in vain"

    Unable to refuse the man's dying wishes, the young genin accepted the package before then glancing the direction of the fleeing man, in his mind he realized he should take that route so he quickly dashed up the wall before then casually walking across the rooftops towards what he knew as the nearest bakery. It wasnt far, actually, and the knowledge that the man was so close to his destination was a little sad.

    Upon arrival, Shinoskay presented the package before exclaiming a dying man wanted it delivered "he said take it to the bakery." The cashier was confused but a man in the back, a smile plastered to his presently irritated face, quickly stepped over "dont worry about it, kid." he would then direct all of his attention on Shinoskay and spoke further while handing the boy some ryo, "dead you say? unfortunate, I guess you got a new job then kid... come back in 2 days, ask for mike, we can talk then." not sure what to make of these strange turn of events... the genin just left after that. What a strange turn of events.

    ~exit, claiming mission rewards and payment of 10k ryo.~

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