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    Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

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    Post by Ayano Aishi on Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:41 pm

    Aishi Foods Inc.

    Following a major street would bring one to Aishi Foods Inc. serving as a small business headquarters for Ayano's upstarting company. The building would take on a modern appearance being made of concrete, glass, and steel with a total of four levels to the complex. The very base floor would act as the lobby and entry way containing was bare necessities required to do business and keep everything function. From restrooms, desks with clerks, meeting rooms, water heaters, custodial closets, and all of the base's functional basics are kept at this level. The second level would lead to the Administrative offices where all the essential personnel go about their daily business including Ayano herself. The third floor contains the Food and Safety Department, which is where a group of specialized scientist and quality assurance professionals work together to ensure the highest quality of produce is produced by the Land of Lightning's crops as well as working to maximize the yield of said crops.

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    The entire building is surrounded by a basic wall of cinderblock standing only eight feet high on the tops lined with metal trussing. From the metal trussing to the building itself runs a web of transparent ninja wire which is all connected to a bell alarm system. This bell system is only activated at closing hours. Along with this, the entryway has a pressure plated trapdoor 10x10 feet in front of the front doors which are activated at night when security enters the building. Stepping in a slightly elevated floor will result in the trap door opening and sounding of the same bell alarm. The trap door will lead into the vault room in the base level, however the victim will be trapped in an iron bar cage. The trapdoor is rigged to reset itself once activated leaving the victim helplessly trapped in the jail cell until security can respond. Lastly, as mentioned, the basement level is the Vault Room where all of Aishi Foods Inc. revenue is stored.

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